New upcoming Artisan Trail in Highland

This past Thursday Sherri Smith, Executive Director of the Artisans Center of Virginia paid Highland County a visit to talk about the “Virginia WesternHighlands Artisan Trail”, a project of the Artisans Center of Virginia.

According to their website; “The Artisan Trail Network is a program of the Artisans Center of Virginia, a 501(c) 3 organization working in partnership with communities to create economically sustainable artisan trails connecting craft with agriculture and cultural assets across the Commonwealth.”  This idea is modeled after the highlysuccessful artisan trail programs started in North Carolina.

During her day in Highland, Sherri introduced the Trail Program to a group of interested artists, artisans and farmers at The Highland Center. Then she and a small group toured around to some of the local stores and artist studios that may eventually be on the “Virginia Western Highlands Artisan Trail”.  The stops included:

Artist Studios in The Highland Center
Blanchard Furniture with David Blanchard
Highland County Crafts
Artful Gifts with Lisa and Jim Jacenich
Odds and Ends with Joan Atkeson (an antique store to opened behind Evelyn’s Pantry)
Wool Becomes Ewe with Teresa Wagner
Sugar Tree Country Store with Fern Heatwole
Ginseng Mountain Store with Deborah Ellington

Highland County’s Artisan Trail Ambassador is Valerie Hilliard.


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