Capital Campaign

Once under threat of demolition, The Highland Center’s building is now a hub of cultural and economic activity.  On any given day you will find artists painting in their studios, children on their way to ballet or music class, tourists stopping into the Chamber of Commerce office, caterers making food in the kitchen, businesses receiving counseling in a conference room, and customers buying fresh produce at the farmers’ market.






The Highland Center’s building—a historic landmark that served for decades as Monterey High School and later as the county’s elementary school—has not had a major renovation since it was built in 1922.  The building is showing its age, with crumbling mortar, inefficient heating, outdated equipment, and inaccessible entrances.  The Highland Center’s Capital Campaign, Where Creative Ideas Become Practical Solutions, will restore the building to make it safe, comfortable and attractive for all community members and visitors.  To learn more about the renovation, visit our Historic Renovation page.

In addition to renovating the building, the Capital Campaign will expand The Highland Center’s community programs over the next five years.  It will also create a maintenance endowment to ensure that the Center’s programs and building are preserved for generations to come.

Renovations: $2,850,000
Programs: $1,000,000
Local Food and Agriculture ($250,000)
Community and Economic Development ($300,000)
Business Incubation ($250,000)
Youth Development ($200,000)
Endowment:  $500,000
Campaign Total:  $4,350,000

The Highland Center has successfully completed the first phase of its campaign, thanks to the generosity of local contributors.  Accomplishments included replacing the coal-burning furnace, installing a new roof and guttering system, constructing a farmers’ market pavilion and expanding community programs.

To learn more about our Capital Campaign, watch our Capital Campaign Video or read our Capital Campaign Case Statement.

To contribute, visit our Donate page or contact Executive Director Betty Mitchell at  Thank you!

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